Pacific Squaretail, Tetragonurus pacificus Abe 1953

Other Names: Pacific Square-tail, Ravenfish
The Pacific Squaretail is known in Australia from larvae collected off Yonge Reef,  Queensland.

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Pacific Squaretail, Tetragonurus pacificus Abe 1953

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Known from larvae collected off Yonge Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. Elsewhere the species is known from scattered localities in the subtropical Indo-Pacific.


Dorsal-fin spines X-XI, 11-13; Anal fin I, 10-11; Pectoral fin 16; longitudinal scale rows along body axis 72-80; predorsal scales 17-20; Vertebrae 40.
Head length 26.1-28.6% SL; orbit diameter 7.3-8.9% SL; and longest pectoral-fin ray length 14.3-15.5% SL.


Blackish-grey with greenish reflection on lateral body axis, yellowish reflection on ventral region; head black with silver to gold reflection on cheek and operculum; dorsal surface of head, snout and lower jaw solid black; dorsal, anal, pelvic, and caudal fins blackish-grey, membranes paler; pectoral fin black.

Similar Species

Tetragonurus pacificus differs from T. atlanticus and T. cuvieri, in having fewer vertebrae (39–43, vs. 44–51 in T. atlanticus and 52–58 in T. cuvieri, respectively), 10–11 (9–12) first dorsal-fin spines (vs. 13–17 and 16–21, respectively), and 72–80 longitudinal scale rows along body axis (vs. 93–95 and 97–114, respectively) (Koeda & Teramura 2019).

Species Citation

Tetragonurus pacificus Abe 1953, Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 3(1): 45, figs 5-6. Type locality: west of Solomon Islands, western Pacific, 6°36.5'S, 152°29'E (stomach contents).


Bray, D.J. 2019


Atlas of Living Australia

Pacific Squaretail, Tetragonurus pacificus Abe 1953


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