Halfbelt Wriggler, Xenisthmus semicinctus Gill & Hoese 2004

Halfbelt Wriggler, Xenisthmus semicinctus. Source: A. Gill & D. Hoese, 2004, Records of the Australian Museum, http://dx.doi.org/10.3853/j.0067-1975.56.2004.1428. License: All rights reserved

A tiny gobioid fish with 12 large dark closely spaced spots on the upper sides, each connecting to, or almost to, the mid-line by a short, brown to dark brown bar.

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Halfbelt Wriggler, Xenisthmus semicinctus Gill & Hoese 2004

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Endemic to Western Australia, and known only from Clerke Reef, Rowley Shoals in the Timor Sea.


Meristic features: Dorsal fin VII, 12; Anal fin I, 11; Vertebrae: 27 (10+17)

Tongue indented; posterior nostril with a well-developed flap on anterior rim; predorsal area broadly scaled to just behind vertical through posterior edge of preopercle, with narrow median wedge of scales extending further forward almost to pore D.


Upper sides with 12 large, closely spaced spots, each connecting dorsally to, or almost to, mid-line by a short, brown to dark brown bar.


The specific name semicinctus is from the Latin semis meaning 'half', and cinctum for girdle or belt, in reference to the dark markings on the dorsal part of the body.

Species Citation

Xenisthmus semicinctus Gill & Hoese, 2004, Rec. Aust. Mus. 56: 245, fig. 3. Type locality: Clerke Reef, Rowley Shoals, Timor Sea, WA [17°18'S, 119°22'E].


Dianne J. Bray

Halfbelt Wriggler, Xenisthmus semicinctus Gill & Hoese 2004


Allen, G.R. & Russell, B.C. 1986. Part VII Fishes. 79-103 in Berry, P.F. (ed.). Faunal Surveys of the Rowley Shoals, Scott Reef and Seringapatam Reef, northwestern Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement 25: 1-106.

Gill, A.C. & Hoese, D.F. 2004. Three new Australian species of the fish genus Xenisthmus (Gobioidei: Xenisthmidae). Records of the Australian Museum 56: 241-246.

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37429061

Depth:0-40 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:1.9 cm SL


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