Batuna Damsel, Amblyglyphidodon batunai Allen 1995

Other Names: Batuna's Damsel, Green Sergeant

A Batuna Damsel, Amblyglyphidodon batunai, in Western Australia. Source: Reef Life Survey / Atlas of Living Australia. License: CC by Attribution

A pale greenish-yellow damselfish with white pelvic fins.

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Batuna Damsel, Amblyglyphidodon batunai Allen 1995

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Dampier Archipelago to Churchill Reef, Western Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Indo-West Pacific.
Inhabits sheltered lagoons and protected fringing reefs, usually among branches of Acropora corals.


As the species was named in honour of more than one person (Hanny and Inneke Batuna) the specific name should possibly be spelled batunaorum.


The species is named in honour of Hanny and Inneke Batuna, owners of Manado Murex Resort, who provided accommodations, boat transport, and general logistic assistance during the author's visit to Manado Bay, Sulawesi (the type locality).

Species Citation

Amblyglyphidodon batunai Allen, 1995, Rev. Française d'Aquariol. Herpétol. 21(3–4): 86, fig. 1. Type locality: Lagoon next to shore, south side of Bunaken Island, Manado Bay, northern Sulawesi, about 1°42'N, 124°57'E, depth 5-6 m.


Bray, D.J. 2023


Atlas of Living Australia

Batuna Damsel, Amblyglyphidodon batunai Allen 1995


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CAAB Code:37372141

Conservation:IUCN Vulnerable

Depth:0-12 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:8.5 cm SL

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