Egglestone's Bumblebee Goby, Egglestonichthys bombylios Larson & Hoese 1997

A pale yellowish goby with five broad brown bands or saddles across the interorbital region, nape and sides, very small eyes, and a relatively narrow gill opening.

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Egglestone's Bumblebee Goby, Egglestonichthys bombylios Larson & Hoese 1997

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Finke Bay to Smith Point, Northern Territory, and off Bowling Green Bay, south of Townsville, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, east Indo-west Pacific.


Dorsal fin VI + 1,9-10; Anal fin 1,9-10; Pectoral fin 20-22; Segmented caudal finrays 17, (pattern 9/8), branched caudal finrays 7/6; Gill rakers on outer face of first arch 4-5 + 13-16; Longitudinal scales 31- 35; Predorsal scales 30-33; Circumpeduncular scales 18-22; TRB 13-14; Vertebrae 10+16=26.
Body robust; eyes very small, lateral; interorbital very broad, convex; mouth upturned, jaws supraterminal, with outer row of enlarged teeth on lower jaw protruding outside lips.
Head fully scaled, predorsal scales small, extending to nostrils, opercles scaled, cheeks scaled on upper half; scales on body sides ctenoid (ctenii deciduous); head pores absent; transverse papillae pattern on head, papillae large and fleshy, some rows raised, forming ridges.


The specimens from the Northern Territory were trawled from soft muddy areas (banana-prawn grounds) in 2-29 m depths.


The specific name bombylios is the Greek word for “bumblebee”, which this species resembles in colour pattern and (less so) in its robust body shape.

Species Citation

Egglestonichthys bombylios Larson & Hoese 1997, The Beagle 13: 46, figs 1-3. Type locality: north of Smith Point, Northern Territory.


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Egglestone's Bumblebee Goby, Egglestonichthys bombylios Larson & Hoese 1997


Larson, H.K & Hoese, D.F. 1997. A new species of Egglestonichthys (Pisces; Teleostei : Gobiidae) from the Indo-west Pacific, with discussion of the species of the genus. The Beagle. Occasional Papers of the Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences 13: 45-52 figs 1-5

Larson, H.K., Williams, R.S. & Hammer, M.P. 2013. An annotated checklist of the fishes of the Northern Territory, Australia. Zootaxa 3696(1): 1-293

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CAAB Code:37428330

Depth:2-29 m

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