Chestspot Eviota, Eviota inutilis Whitley 1943

Other Names: Chestspot Dwarfgoby

A Chestspot Eviota, Eviota inutilis, from Western Australia. Source: Western Australian Museum / Fig. 26b, in Greenfield & Winterbottom (2016) Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 24. License: CC by Attribution

A pygmy goby with brownish bars along the side forming large blotches anteriorly and crosses towards the rear, and becoming dark orange along the anal-fin base - the first four extending onto the anal fin; a small dark spot at the base of each pelvic fin, an indistinct dark spot above the gill cover, and a pale lower half on the first dorsal fin.

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Chestspot Eviota, Eviota inutilis Whitley 1943

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Endemic to Western Australia from about Albany to Broome.


In preservative: brownish, with colour markings formed by clusters of blackish chromatophores at various layers. The sides and top of the head with large round spots, darkest along top of gill-chamber. Body with subvertical rows of dots, corresponding to each scale. Paired fins plain, others spotted or infuscated. Chin plain or spotted. Dark marks at base of each ventral fin. Six or seven dark spots between anal origin and caudal on lower surface of body. Sometimes two dark blotches on pectoral base and another before base of caudal. Eye dark bluish. Ends of nostril flaps blackish (Whitley 1943).

Species Citation

Eviota viridis inutilis Whitley 1943, Proc. Linn. Soc. N. S. W. 68(3, 4): 142. Type locality: head of Useless Inlet, Shark Bay, Western Australia, dredged.


Bray, D.J. 2016


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Chestspot Eviota, Eviota inutilis Whitley 1943


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CAAB Code:37428123

Depth:to about 15 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:~2 cm SL


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