Spotfin Goby, Redigobius chrysosoma (Bleeker 1875)

Spotfin Goby, Redigobius chrysosoma. Source: Dave Wilson / Aquagreen. License: All rights reserved

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Spotfin Goby, Redigobius chrysosoma (Bleeker 1875)

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Known in northern Australia from the Blackmore River, NT (130°52'E) to Gladstone, QLD (23°51'S), also occurs elsewhere in the tropical western Pacific; benthic, inhabiting brackish mangrove estuaries and the lower reaches of freshwater streams.


D VI; always 1, 6; A always I, 6; C (segmented rays) 17; P 15-18; V I, 5; TRB 7½-9; Vert 11-12 + 14 = 25-26.
Body laterally compressed. Head short, deeper than wide; interorbital moderate, flat to slightly rounded. Anterior nostril small, in short tube behind upper lip; mouth terminal, oblique, of small to moderate, not much enlarged in males, rear end of jaws usually reaching to below anterior half of eyes in both sexes; tongue tip truncate; gill openings narrow, reaching to just under operculum; pectoral girdle with bony to fleshy edge or flange, occasionally with few fleshy knobs present.
Body scales ctenoid, lateral series 22-25; scales cycloid along midline before first dorsal fin with nape sides ctenoid, cycloid scales on operculum, pectoral fin bases and area before ventral fins; top of head scaled forward to eyes, predorsal scales large, 5-7.
Two dorsal fins, first dorsal pointed, with triangular margin, no spines prolonged; second dorsal and anal fins short-based, posterior-most rays longest; caudal fin with rounded margin. Pectoral fins long, reaching to above anal fin origin, margin slightly pointed. Ventral fins narrow and slender, fused to form cup-shaped disc, may reach to anal fin origin.


To around 4 cm SL.


Head and body pale grey with indistinct dusky-brown scale margins across back and along side of body; grey to blackish bar under eye crossing cheek, broad dusky slightly oblique bar across opercle; first dorsal fin patterned with red and orange and round dense black spot on rear part of fin; other fins mostly transparent.


Likely to be oviparous, benthic spawners.

Species Citation

Lophogobius chrysosomus Bleeker, P. (1875). Gobioideorum species insulindicae novae. Arch. Néerl. Sci. Nat. 10: 113–134 [114].
Bandjermasin, Borneo and Ambon, Indonesia.


Martin F. Gomon

Spotfin Goby, Redigobius chrysosoma (Bleeker 1875)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428245

Habitat:freshwater and brackish estuaries

Max Size:4 cm SL

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