Fan Shrimpgoby, Tomiyamichthys latruncularia (Klausewitz 1974)

Other Names: Fan Shrimp-goby

A Fan Shrimpgoby, Tomiyamichthys latruncularia, in Timor Leste. Source: Nick Hobgood / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY Attribution-ShareAlike

A slender whitish shrimpgoby with 3-4 large brown blotches on the side, smaller dark blotches on the back and golden spots edged in brown on the head.

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Fan Shrimpgoby, Tomiyamichthys latruncularia (Klausewitz 1974)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428263

Behaviour:Lives with alpheid shrimp

Depth:2-45 m

Habitat:Reef associated, sand & rubble

Max Size:10 cm TL

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