Spotted Perchlet, Plectranthias mcgroutheri Gill, Pogonoski, Moore & Johnson 2021

A Spotted Perchlet, Plectranthias wheeleri, NMV A 29687-009, 63.4 mm SL, from 190 km west of Broome, Western Australia, May 2007. Source: Martin F. Gomon / Museums Victoria. License: CC BY Attribution

A pinkish to reddish perchlet with large irregular orange-red blotches suffused with yellow. In Australia, this species was previously known as Plectranthias wheeleri.

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Spotted Perchlet, Plectranthias mcgroutheri Gill, Pogonoski, Moore & Johnson 2021

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Endemic to Western Australia, from west of Exmouth Gulf to west of Broome at depths to 200 m. Inhabits mesophotic reefs on the continental reef.


Coloration based on specimen that had been frozen for 5 years: head and body tan to pale pink; snout, nape and dorsal part of head red to orange-red; posterior part of preopercle and adjacent part of operculum mauve to dusky purple; area behind and narrowly below eye mauve to dusky purple; pectoral base and ventral contour of breast pale pink to dusky purple; lower part of abdomen pale tan or pale pink to white; small dusky purple spot over anus; red to orange-red roughly wedge-shaped blotch extending from beneath anterior half of dorsal base to mid-side; second roughly wedge-shaped, broad red to orange blotch extending from between bases of about seventh dorsal spine and seventh segmented dorsal ray to anterior third of anal-fin base; caudal peduncle and posterior part of body behind red wedge pale pink to reddish tan; a column of three to five small, equally spaced bright yellow to red spots on posterior part of caudal peduncle, just anterior to caudal base, with an additional small yellow to red spot about midway along caudal peduncle, just above ventral border, and several additional yellow to red spots over posterior few lateral-line scales; 59.2 mm SL paratype with additional bright yellow spots scattered over head and body; pectoral fins bright yellow, with orange-red spot over upper half of basal part of fin; remaining fins bright yellow, reddish orange distally.

Species Citation

Plectranthias mcgroutheri Gill, Pogonoski,  Moore & Johnson 2021, Zootaxa 4918(1): 81, Fig. 34. Type locality: North West Shelf, 190 km northwest of Port Hedland, Australia, 19°01'S, 117°12'E, depth 200-202 m.


Bray, D.J. 2021


Atlas of Living Australia

Spotted Perchlet, Plectranthias mcgroutheri Gill, Pogonoski, Moore & Johnson 2021


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37311110

Depth:165-200 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:7.6 cm SL


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