Bluntsnout Slickhead, Xenodermichthys copei (Gill 1884)

Other Names: Black Slickhead, Bluntsnout Smooth-head, Cope's Bluntsnout Slickhead

Bluntsnout Slickhead, Xenodermichthys copei. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC By Attribution-NonCommercial

A bluish-black slickhead covered in many large, nodular photophores on the head and body, with a slightly paler head, a broadly rounded snout, a very large eye, and short jaws that do not extend beyond the middle of the eye.

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Bluntsnout Slickhead, Xenodermichthys copei (Gill 1884)

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Off Newcastle, New South Wales, around southern Australia to NW of Port Hedland, Western Australia; also Norfolk Ridge just outside Australian EEZ, and probably north into the Coral Sea on the east coast. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical Atlantic Indo-west-central Pacific (New Caledonia).


Dorsal fin 29–31; Anal fin 28–29; Pectoral fin 7–8; Pelvic fin 6; Gill rakers 7–9 + 20–22 = 28–32.
Head short, length 23–24% SL; eye large, diameter 30–31% HL; jaw to mid-line of eye; head and body covered in many large, nodular photophores on the head and body; luminous tissue along bases of dorsal and anal fins.


Feeds mostly on crustaceans (euphausiids, copepods, amphipods, and decapod zoea), but also ostracods, and small cephalopods.

Species Citation

Aleposomus copei Gill 1884, American Naturalist 18: 433. Type locality: North Atlantic,  37°12´N, 69°39´W, depth 2949 fathoms.


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Bluntsnout Slickhead, Xenodermichthys copei (Gill 1884)


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CAAB Code:37114002


Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:100-2650 m

Habitat:Benthopelagic, continental slope

Max Size:31 cm TL

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