Tailspot Dartgoby, Ptereleotris heteroptera (Bleeker 1855)

Other Names: Spottail Dartfish, Spot-tail Hovergoby, Tail-spot Dart Goby, Tail-spot Dart-goby

Tailspot Dartgobies, Ptereleotris heteroptera, at Kadavu, Fiji. Source: Paddy Ryan / http://www.ryanphotographic.com/ptereleotridae.htm. License: All rights reserved

Body pale blue to pale bluish-grey with a long iridescent blue divided stripe on upper edge of gill cover, a yellowish caudal fin with a large dark blotch and an orange streak before the spot, and the pectoral-fin base with  a blue-edged salmon-pink ocellus.

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Tailspot Dartgoby, Ptereleotris heteroptera (Bleeker 1855)

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Widespread in the Indo-Pacific from the Red Sea and East Africa to islands in the Central Pacific, north to southern Japan and south to Australia and to Lord Howe Island.

Inhabits hard substrates and sandy and rubble patches, usually at the base of the reef. Adults are usually in pairs and share burrow which is often under a piece of rubble or slab of coral rock. 


Feeds in pairs on zooplankton up to 3 m above the burrow.


Adults form monogamous pairs, while juveniles occur in large groups of up to 500 individuals.


Dianne J. Bray

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37435018

Depth:5-45 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:14 cm TL

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