Black Halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir (Günther 1878)

Other Names: Abyssal Halosaur

Black Halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir, collected in the Tasman Sea in 2003 on the NORFANZ Expedition. Source: Robin McPhee / NORFANZ Founding Parties. License: All rights reserved

A greyish-black to bluish-black halosaur, with the top of head, gill isthmus and branchiostegal membranes black, and no scales on top of the head.

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Black Halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir (Günther 1878)

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Dorsal fin 11-13. Lateral line with a deeply pigmented sheath; scales present on the opercular bone, absent from top of the head.


Feeds on crustaceans, bony fishes, polychaete worms and cephalopod molluscs.

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Halosaurus macrochir Günther 1878, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 5 2(2, 22, 28): 250. Type locality: off the Strait of Gibraltar. 


Dianne J. Bray


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Black Halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir (Günther 1878)


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CAAB Code:37081003

Depth:686-3200 m

Habitat:Deep-sea benthopelagic

Max Size:90 cm TL

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