Stout Longtom, Tylosurus gavialoides (Castelnau 1873)

Other Names: Alligator Gar, Longtom, Needlefish, Stour Longtom, Stout Long Tom, Stout Long-tom

A Stout Longtom, Tylosurus gavialoides, from Coocumbac Island, Manning River, New South Wales, April 2016. Source: Victor W Fazio III / License: CC By Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives


A large, robust blue, green to grey longtom becoming silvery below, with dusky fins and snout, and a truncate to slightly emarginate caudal fin with the lower lobe noticeably longer than the upper lobe. 

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Stout Longtom, Tylosurus gavialoides (Castelnau 1873)

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Endemic to tropical and subtropical waters of Australia, from Perth, Western Australia, around the tropical north to Mallacoota, Victoria. This pelagic species occurs around coral and rocky reefs, and also enters estuaries.


Dorsal fin 20-22; Anal fin 18-23.
Body and caudal peduncle sub-cylindrical; jaws greatly produced, teeth on inner row, short and strong,teeth reduced on the outer row. 
Body covered in minute, somewhat deciduous scales; lateral-line positioned low on body. Dorsal and anal fins elevated anteriorly, positioned on rear of body with dorsal-fin origin slightly anterior to anal-fin origin, and both fins are elevated anteriorly; pelvic fins abdominal, placed posteriorly, distance from anal fin less than the length of fin base; caudal fin truncate, with centre slightly emarginated in adult.


The Stout Longtom is bluish to greenish or grey above and silvery below, usually with a dusky snout and fins.


Species Citation

Belone gavialoides Castelnau 1873, Proc. Zool. Acclim. Soc. Vict. 2: 142. Type locality: Fremantle, Western Australia.


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Stout Longtom, Tylosurus gavialoides (Castelnau 1873)


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CAAB Code:37235002

Depth:0-10 m

Habitat:Pelagic, reef associated

Max Size:130 cm TL

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