Variegated Wrasse, Coris batuensis (Bleeker 1857)

Other Names: Batu Coris, Batu Rainbow-wrasse, Dapple Coris, Pallid Wrasse, Schroeder's Coris, Schroeder's Rainbow Wrasse, Variegated Rainbowfish, Yellow Wrasse

A Variegated Wrasse, Coris batuensis, at Bitung, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Source: Mark Rosenstein / License: Cc BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0


A coral reef inhabitant, found on sandy-rubble bottoms in clear lagoon and seaward reefs.

Identifying features:
Body overall pale greenish to whitish with several dark bars on upper sides;
A black ocellus in middle of dorsal fin (lost in large males) and a black marking at pectoral-fin base;
Juveniles greenish (whitish anteriorly) with pink to reddish spots and several ocelli on dorsal fin.

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Variegated Wrasse, Coris batuensis (Bleeker 1857)

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Recorded in Australia from islands off north Western Australia (Scott Reef and Ashmore Reef), and from the Murray islands north of Cape York to Sydney, New South Wales. Also at Elizabeth and Middleton reefs in the Tasman Sea.

Elsewhere, common and widespread in the tropical, Indo-west-central Pacific, from the Maldives to the Marshall Islands, to southern Japan, Tonga and Pohnpei. 

Inhabits sandy and coral rubble areas on coastal and offshore reefs - usually in lagoons and on seaward reefs to 34 metres. individuals are either solitary or seen in small groups.


Meristic features:
Dorsal-fin spines/rays: IX, 11
Anal-fin spines/rays: III, 11
Pectoral-fin rays: 13-15
Pelvic-fin spines/rays: I, 5
Lateral-line scales: 52-55
Gill rakers (first arch): 16-21


Very pale in colour when seen on sandy bottoms.


Carnivore - feeds on crabs and gastropod molluscs.


  • EPBC Act 1999 : Not listed
  • IUCN Red List : Least Concern
  • Remarks

    Has been misidentified in the past as Coris variegata, which only occurs in the Red Sea.


    The species is named batuensis after the type locality, Batu Island in Indonesia.

    Species Citation

    Julis (Halichoeres) batuensis Bleeker, 1857, Natuur. Tijdschr. Neder. Indië 12: 240. Type locality: Batu Islands, Indonesia.


    Dianne J. Bray


    Variegated Wrasse, Coris batuensis (Bleeker 1857)


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    Quick Facts

    CAAB Code:37384098

    Biology:Changes sex

    Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

    Depth:1-34 m

    Habitat:Reef associated

    Max Size:17 cm TL

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