Golden Sandgoby, Fusigobius aureus Chen & Shao 1997

Other Names: Goldspot Sandgoby

A Golden Sandgoby, Fusigobius aureus, at Bali, Indonesia, May 2017. Source: Jim Greenfield / License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A semi-transparent greyish goby with scattered orange to brownish-orange spots, a brownish spot at middle of caudal-fin base, a pupil-sized orange to brownish-orange spot above pectoral-fin base, dorsal and caudal fins with orange spots, and a vertically-elongate black spot on the membrane between the first two dorsal-fin spines.

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Golden Sandgoby, Fusigobius aureus Chen & Shao 1997

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Recorded from Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea, and possibly the northern Great Barrier Reef. Occurs elsewhere in the tropical, west Pacific. Inhabits sandy areas on seawards reefs.


Meristic features: Dorsal fin VI + I, 9; Anal fin I, 8; Pectoral fin 18-19; Longitudinal scale series 24-25. 

Body depth 4.3-4.8 in SL; gill opening extending to or almost to vertical at posterior edge of preopercle. Body scales ctenoid, becoming cycloid anterior to pectoral and pelvic fins; scales absent from operculum.
Pectoral fins large, rounded; pelvic fins largely separated but united at base, the connecting membrane very short and concave in outer margin, without inter-spine frenum; 5th pelvic-fin ray unbranched, about 60% length of 4th ray; caudal fin rounded.


Body with a row of golden-yellow spots along mid-line of lateral surfaces and with some rows of smaller golden-yellow spots on both dorsal and ventral surfaces. An oblique, yellow line on cheek and snout. Caudal-fin base with a diaper-shaped black blotch. Dorsal and caudal fins with some rows of smaller golden-yellow spots. First dorsal-fin with a large black blotch, with its lower half tinged orange. 


The specific name is from the Latin aureus (= yellow) in reference to the many 'golden-yellow' spots scattered on the body and fins.

Species Citation

Fusigobius aureus Chen & Shao, 1997, Acta Zoologica Taiwanica 8(2): 88, figs 1-3. Type locality: Maumere, Flores Island, Indonesia. 


Bray, D.J. 2022


Atlas of Living Australia

Golden Sandgoby, Fusigobius aureus Chen & Shao 1997


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428365

Depth:5-25 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:7.5 cm TL

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