Whitecap Shrimpgoby, Lotilia klausewitzi Shibukawa, Suzuki & Senou 2012

Other Names: Dancer Shrimpgoby, Graceful Shrimpgoby, Whitecap Goby, Whitecap Shrimpgoby

A Whitecap Shrimpgoby, Lotilia klausewitzi, at Lomaiviti, Fiji, November 2016. Source: Mark Rosenstein / iNaturalist.org. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

A dark brown to blackish shrimpgoby with a white patch from the snout to the dorsal-fin origin, a basal pair of white spots on the pectoral and united pelvic fins, submarginal rows of dark spots on the pectoral and caudal fins, and a large black spot on the rear of the first dorsal fin.

Video of a Whitecap Shrimpgoby and its alpheid shrimp at Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia.
In Australia, the Whitecap Shrimpgoby was previously referred to as Lotilia graciliosa, a species found only in the Red Sea and adjacent areas (Shibukawa et al. 2012).

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Whitecap Shrimpgoby, Lotilia klausewitzi Shibukawa, Suzuki & Senou 2012

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Recorded in Australia from Clerke Reef, WA, and Yonge Reef, QLD. Found elsewhere in the tropical, east-Indo-west-central Pacific.
Inhabits sandy and rubble areas around reef patches, lagoons, and on outer-reef slopes, or beneath drop-offs. In burrows, associated with alpheid shrimps in 1-50 m.


Unlike similar shrimpgobies, the Whitecap Shrimpgoby waves its black-spotted pectoral fins while hovering near the burrow entrance, 

Similar Species

Differs from Lotilia graciliosa in having the following features, in addition to some minor differences in the sensory-papillae configuration on the cheek: cephalic sensory canals and associated pores present (vs. absent in L. graciliosa); 7+6=13 branched caudal-fin rays (vs. 7+7=14); pale area from snout to the dorso-anterior part of the body relatively long, extending posteriorly to, or beyond, base of fifth spine of first dorsal fin (vs. extending posteriorly to around base of third or fourth spine in L. graciliosa); a faint, relatively small dark greyish brown spot at centre of first dorsal fin behind third or fourth spine, and its paler margin usually absent or obscure (vs. conspicuous ocellated black spot with vivid pale margin at centre of first dorsal fin, extending anteriorly beyond third spine in L. graciliosa); and a submarginal row of black spots on caudal fin (vs. absent in L. graciliosa). (Shibukawa et al. 2012)


The species is named klausewitzi in honour of W. Klausewitz, who described many Indo-Pacific fishes, including the genus Lotilia.

Species Citation

Lotilia klausewitzi Shibukawa, Suzuki & Senou, 2012, Zootaxa 3362: 58, figs 1A, 2A–B & 3. Type locality: Yonehara, Ishigaki-jima Island, Yaeyama Group of Ryukyu Islands, Japan. 


Dianne J. Bray

Whitecap Shrimpgoby, Lotilia klausewitzi Shibukawa, Suzuki & Senou 2012


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428183

Behaviour:Shares burrows with alpheid shrimps

Depth:1-50 m

Fishing:Aquarium fish

Habitat:Reef associated, sandy & rubble areas

Max Size:4.5 cm TL

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