Beach Salmon, Leptobrama muelleri Steindachner 1878

Other Names: Spot-fin Beachsalmon, Flat Salmon, Moreton Bay Tailor, Salmon Trout, Silver Salmon, Slender Brama, Slender Bream, Steelback, Steel-back

Illustration of a Beach Salmon, Leptobrama muelleri. Source: Allan R. McCulloch in 1899-1900, Siboga-expeditie naar Nederlands Oost-Indië, onder leiding van Max Wilhelm Carl Weber. License: Public Domain

A species of Leptobrama with a prominent black spot on the tip of the front part of the dorsal fin.

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Beach Salmon, Leptobrama muelleri Steindachner 1878

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Coastal and estuarine waters of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.


Head length 21.7–22.7 % of standard length (SL), snout length 19.9–24.5 % of head length (HL), upper jaw length 53.0–61.3 % HL, vomerine tooth patch rhomboid, tip of pectoral fin almost reaching level of tip of appressed pelvic fin, lateral line gradually curved anteriorly, total gill rakers 13–18, scale rows below lateral line 13–14.


Dianne J. Bray

Beach Salmon, Leptobrama muelleri Steindachner 1878


Kimura, S., Peristiwady, T. & Fricke, R. 2016. Taxonomic review of the genusLeptobrama Steindachner 1878 (Perciformes: Leptobramidae), with the resurrection of Leptobrama pectoralis(Ramsay and Ogilby 1887). Ichthyological Research: (1-10). DOI 10.1007/s10228-016-0511-1 Online early

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CAAB Code:37357012

Habitat:Schools off sandy beaches

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