Dwarf Speckled Goby, Redigobius nanus Larson 2010

A male Dwarf Speckled Goby, Redigobius nanus from the Northern Territory, Australia. Source: Dave Wilson / Aquagreen. License: All rights reserved

A small, estuarine goby with indistinct dark speckling and dorsal saddles, bright pale blue flecks and spots over brown markings on the head, body and fins, and males with a pointed first dorsal-fin with a pale elongate first spine.

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Dwarf Speckled Goby, Redigobius nanus Larson 2010

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Shark Bay, Western Australia, to Brisbane, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in New Guinea. Inhabits muddy and sandy-muddy areas in estuaries, amongst rocks and mangroves.


Dorsal fin (soft rays) 7; Anal fin I, 6.  first or second spine longest in females but never elongate; second dorsal rays I,7; anal rays I,6; pectoral rays 16-17; longitudinal scales 20-25; TRB 7-10; predorsal scales 6-10; circumpeduncular scales 12 


Indistinct lateral dark speckling and dorsal saddles; scale margins narrowly outlined with dark brown; bright pale blue flecks and spots over brown markings on head, body and fins; first dorsal fin pointed, first spine elongate and pale-coloured in males.

Species Citation

Redigobius nanus Larson 2010, Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwater 21(2): 166, figs 21–23. Type locality: Shark Bay, WA. 


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Dwarf Speckled Goby, Redigobius nanus Larson 2010


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:3728402

Depth:0-5 m

Habitat:Estuaries, mangroves

Max Size:2.2 cm SL

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