Lipstick Goby, Eugnathogobius polylepis (Wu & Ni 1985)

Other Names: Scaly Mullet-goby, Wu's Goby

A Lipstick Goby, Eugnathogobius polylepis, from Rapid Creek, Darwin, Northern Territory. Source: Dave Wilson. License: CC by Attribution

A small, slender olive to olive-grey goby with red lips, (especially lower lip), a black spot on the upper caudal-fin base, and three blackish-brown bars on the cheek and gill cover. Adult males have a yellow caudal fin with a black submarginal band.

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Lipstick Goby, Eugnathogobius polylepis (Wu & Ni 1985)

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Recorded in Australia from Broome, WA, to Moreton Bay, QLD. Found elsewhere in the Western Pacific.
Inhabits muddy bottoms in mangrove areas - amongst mangrove roots, on mudbanks, in small muddy puddles or partly buried in mud. 


Meristic features: Dorsal fin VI + I, 8; Anal fin I, 8-9; Pectoral fin 16-19; Longitudinal scales 47-50; Transverse scales 15-16; Predorsal scales 0-19; Vertebrae 26. 
A small, slender goby with low, rounded dorsal fins; head pores absent; small ctenoid scales on body; predorsal area covered with cycloid scales in female, usually naked in male; cheek, operculum, prepelvic region and pectoral-fin base region naked.


Three blackish-brown bars on cheek and preoperculum; adults with a thin red line on upper and lower lips, a large black spot on upper caudal-fin base (spot smaller in females), dorsal and anal fins greyish with a yellow margin, a  horizontal brown bar on pectoral-fin base, and often with 3-5 vertical black lines on caudal fin. Adult males have a yellow caudal fin with a distinct black submarginal band.


Wuhanlinigobius is named for the Chinese ichthyologist, Prof. Wu, Han-lin, in recognition of his great contribution to ichthyological research in China, especially on gobioid fishes.

Species Citation

Mugilogobius polylepis Wu & Ni, 1985, Zool. Res. 6(4): 95, fig. 2. Type locality: Zhonggang, Fengxian, Shanghai, China. 


Dianne J. Bray

Lipstick Goby, Eugnathogobius polylepis (Wu & Ni 1985)


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CAAB Code:37428348

Depth:0-2 m

Habitat:Estuaries - mangroves, tidal flats

Max Size:3.2 cm SL

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