Ladd's Frillgoby, Bathygobius laddi (Fowler 1931)

Other Names: Brownboy Goby

Ladd's Frillgoby, Bathygobius laddi. Source: Barry Hutchins / Western Australian Museum. License: All rights reserved

Males are uniformly dark brown with dusky to black fins. Females are pale brown with 3-4 irregular crossbars along the body, a dark crescentic bar on the caudal-fin base, and mottled dorsal and caudal fins.

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Ladd's Frillgoby, Bathygobius laddi (Fowler 1931)

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Point Quobba, Western Australia, to Arrawarra, New South Wales. Elsewhere the tropical, Indo-west Pacific (east to Samoa and north to Japan, but absent from Pacific Plate atolls).
Inhabits mangroves, intertidal rock pools, and rubble, silty and sandy areas on rocky reefs.


Dorsal fin VI + I,9; Anal fin I,8; Pectoral fin 21-24; Longitudinal scale series 28-32; Predorsal scales 9-13.
Depth of body 4.6-5.9 in SL; head distinctly depressed, width greater than depth; upper 5-6 pectoral rays partly free from membrane; caudal fin rounded. Body scales ctenoid, becoming cycloid on head and anterior body (short distance anterior to first dorsal fin); predorsal scales not reaching rear margin of preopercle; cheek, opercle, pectoral fin base and prepelvic area naked.


The species is named in honour of Dr. H. L. Ladd, who collected fishes for the Bishop Museum in Hawaii.

Species Citation

Rhinogobius laddi Fowler 1931, Memoirs of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum 11(5): 362, fig. 6. Type locality: Suva, Fiji Islands.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Ladd's Frillgoby, Bathygobius laddi (Fowler 1931)


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CAAB Code:37428070

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Habitat:Reef associated, mangroves

Max Size:5 cm TL

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