Redbanded Grubfish, Parapercis binivirgata (Waite 1904)

Other Names: Redbanded Weever

A Redbanded Grubfish, Parapercis binivirgata, at Landing Bay Pinnacle, Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand, depth 55 m. Source: Ian Skipworth / License: All rights reserved

A grubfish with 13 transverse dark bars on the upper body. 

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Redbanded Grubfish, Parapercis binivirgata (Waite 1904)

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Moreton Island, Queensland, to off Gippsland, eastern Victoria; also the Fraser Seamount in the north Tasman Basin, the northern part of the Norfolk Ridge, south of New Caledonia, the north end of the Lord Howe Rise, between South Bellona Plateau and Capel Tablemount, and the eastern side of the North Island of New Zealand, between the Bay of Islands and the Bay of Plenty Fraser Seamount.

Species Citation

Neopercis binivirgata Waite, 1904, Rec. Aust. Mus. 3: 236, pl. 25, fig. 3. Type locality: Coogee, New South Wales, Australia.


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Redbanded Grubfish, Parapercis binivirgata (Waite 1904)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37390012

Depth:86-404 m

Habitat:Bottom dweller

Max Size:18 cm SL

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