Toothpick Wriggler, Allomicrodesmus dorotheae Schultz 1966

Other Names: Dorothea's Wriggler

An illustration of the holotype of Allomicrodesmus dorotheae - USNM 113960. Source: Aime M. Awl / Smithsonian Institution Division of Fishes. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike

A very small rare gobioid fish that lives in sandy areas on coral reefs.

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Toothpick Wriggler, Allomicrodesmus dorotheae Schultz 1966

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Recorded in Australia from Osprey Reef, Coral Sea (13°49'S) and Yonge Reef, QLD (14°36'S). Elsewhere in the tropical, central Pacific - Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Inhabits inshore sandy areas on coral reefs.

Species Citation

Allomicrodesmus dorotheae Schultz, 1966, Bull. U. S. Natl Mus. 202(3): 12, fig. 135. Type locality: Bikini Atoll, Enyu Island.

Toothpick Wriggler, Allomicrodesmus dorotheae Schultz 1966


Leis, J.M., Hoese, D.F. & Trnski, T. 1993. Larval development in two genera of the Indo-Pacific gobioid fish family Xenisthmidae: Allomicrodesmus and Xenisthmus. Copeia 1993(1): 186-196 figs 1-5

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Schultz, L.P. 1966. Family Microdesmidae. 9-13, fig. 135, pl. 124 in Schultz, L.P., Woods, L.P. & Lachner, E.A. (eds). Fishes of the Marshall and Marianas Islands. Vol. 3. Families Kraemeriidae through Antennariidae. Bulletin of the United States National Museum 202(3): 1-176, figs 133-156, pls 124-148

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CAAB Code:37429043

Depth:0-40 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:2.5 cm

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