Longraker Trevally, Ulua mentalis (Cuvier 1833)

Other Names: Cale Cale, Cale Cale Trevally, Longrakered Trevally, Long-rakered Trevally

A Longraker Trevally, Ulua mentalis. Source: John E. Randall / EOL. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

A deep-bodied bluish-green to olive-green trevally becoming silvery white below, wiht a diffuse dark blotch on the upper gill cover that is faint or absent in small individuals.

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Longraker Trevally, Ulua mentalis (Cuvier 1833)


Gunn, J.S. 1990. Revision of selected genera of the family Carangidae (Pisces) from Australian waters. Records of the Australian Museum Supplement 12: 1–77. PDF Open access

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37337048

Depth:0-100 m

Habitat:Pelagic inshore

Max Size:100 cm TL

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