Finetooth Beardie, Eeyorius hutchinsi Paulin 1986

Other Names: Beardie, Finetooth Beardy, Fine-tooth Beardy, Tasmanian Codling

Finetooth Beardie, Eeyorius hutchinsi. Source: Rudie H. Kuiter / Aquatic Photographics. License: All rights reserved

A dark brown beardie becoming paler below, with dusky dorsal, anal and caudal fins with fine pale brown margins. 
The Finetooth Beardie shelters under ledges during the day before venturing out to feed at night.

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Finetooth Beardie, Eeyorius hutchinsi Paulin 1986

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Endemic to southern Australia, from off Wilson's Promontory, Victoria, to off Perth, Western Australia, including Tasmania. Inhabits rocky reefs in sheltered bays and shallow coastal waters at depths to 25 m. A secretive species, usually sheltering in caves and crevices during the day.


Dorsal fin 6 + 52-58; Anal fin 43-48; Caudal fin 24; Pectoral fin 24-25; Pelvic fin 4; Lateral-line pores ~30; Vertebrae 42-44.
Body robust, tapering gradually; head broad (as broad as widest part of body), slightly depressed, oval in cross-section; snout rounded, not projecting beyond mouth; eye relatively large, about 2/3rds snout length; chin barbel prominent, slightly longer than the eye diameter; upper jaw extending to below rear margin of eye; jaw teeth small, pointed, arranged in 5-6 irregular rows forming a brush-like band; teeth absent from vomer and palatines.
First dorsal fin short-based, originating behind pectoral-fin base; second dorsal and anal fins long-based; pectoral fins rounded, inserted at midbody, 50% HL; pelvic fins with a flattened base, the two outermost rays longest, almost reaching anus (falling short of anus by length of eye diameter); caudal fin rounded.




Almost nothing is known of the biology of this species.

Similar Species

Eeyorius hutchinsi differs from species of the genus Lotella in having a band of small brush-like teeth in the jaws (vs. an outer row of relatively large, widely spaced sharp pointed teeth). Eeyorius also has a depressed head that is oval in cross section (vs. head rounded in cross-section in Lotella).


The generic name Eeyorius is from the character Eeyore, in the book Winnie the Pooh - both the fish and the literary character live in damp dark places. The species is named for Dr Barry Hutchins, former Curator of Fishes at the Western Australian Museum.

Species Citation

Eeyorius hutchinsi Paulin, 1986, Mem. Mus. Victoria 47(2): 204, figs 1-3. Type locality: Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia, 38°09´S, 144°52´E. 


Bray, D.J. 2021


Atlas of Living Australia

Finetooth Beardie, Eeyorius hutchinsi Paulin 1986


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CAAB Code:37224019


Depth:0-25 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:26 cm TL


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