Plain Coralgoby, Gobiodon fuscoruber (Herler, Bogorodski & Suzuki 2013)

Other Names: Brown-red Coralgoby, Plain Coral Goby

A Plain Coralgoby, Gobiodon unicolor, from Moorea, French Polynesia. Source: Jeffrey T. Williams / 2006 Moorea Biocode. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike

A uniformly dark reddish-brown coralgoby with a dense covering of tiny dark brown dots on the body, nape, and pectoral-fin base, and plain fins. Juveniles have similar coloration.

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Plain Coralgoby, Gobiodon fuscoruber (Herler, Bogorodski & Suzuki 2013)

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Lizard Island to One Tree Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Red Sea and Indo-West Pacific: Maldives, Ryukyu Islands, Japan and Australia. 
Inhabits the less exposed areas of reef flats, reef crests and upper reef slopes, sheltering among the branches of Acropora corals.


Dorsal fin VI + I, 10; Anal fin I, 8; Vertebrae 26. 
Head and body naked with a distinct groove between isthmus and interopercle; body deep, strongly compressed, depth at pelvic-fin origin 40.4-44.3 % SL); head rounded in juveniles, steep profile and slightly hump-headed in adults. Caudal peduncle relatively slender (depth 14.8-16.0% SL).



The specific name fuscoruber is from the Latin fuscus (= brown) and rubrum (= red) in reference to the uniformly reddish-brown life colouration of this species. 

Species Citation

Gobiodon fuscoruber Herler, Bogorodsky & Suzuki 2013, Zootaxa 3709(4): 318, figs 7, 8, 10 & 11. Type locality: Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt, Dahab, “Islands” (28°28’38.50” N, 34°30’47.10” E, 1.5 m.


Bray, D.J. 2023


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Plain Coralgoby, Gobiodon fuscoruber (Herler, Bogorodski & Suzuki 2013)


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CAAB Code:37428372

Habitat:Reef associated, with Acropora

Max Size:3.7 cm SL

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