Obbes' Catfish, Porochilus obbesi Weber 1913

Other Names: Obbe's Catfish

Obbes' Catfish, Porochilus obbesi. Source: Dave Wilson / Aquagreen. License: All rights reserved


A small catfish with a preference for habitats with lots of aquatic plant growth.

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Obbes' Catfish, Porochilus obbesi Weber 1913

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Yam Creek, NT (131°25’E) and Jardine River, QLD (142°19’E); tropical, usually inhabiting areas with submerged weeds in slow-flowing streams and backwaters, or in shallow water of flooded swamps and lagoons.


D I, 4-5; C, D, A 109-123; P I, 7-9; vertebrae 43 to 45.

Body elongate, slender, laterally compressed and tapering posteriorly; head broad and flattened but relatively small; eye moderately sized and anteriorly positioned; mouth with jaw teeth; upper lip perforated by the front nostrils opening downwards; lateral line discontinuous; four pairs of nasal barbels.

Scales absent, covered in smooth skin. Small anterior dorsal fin supported by one sharp, non-serrated spine with 4 or 5 soft rays; second dorsal and anal fins confluent with caudal fin, with 109-123 soft rays; caudodorsal fin base less than 10% of SL.


Maximum size about 12 cm, commonly to 8 cm.


Gray or brown, often with 1 or 2 narrow whitish mid-lateral stripes; fins dusky to clear.


Feeds on insects and their larvae, prawns and molluscs.


Little is known of the reproductive biology of this species.

Species Citation

Porochilus obbesi Weber M. (1913) Süsswasserfische aus Niederländisch Süd-und-Nord-Neu-Guinea. Nova Guinea 9(4): 513-613. Lorentz River at Sabang, New Guinea.


Martin F. Gomon

Obbes' Catfish, Porochilus obbesi Weber 1913


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CAAB Code:37192014


Max Size:12 cm


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