Notable Whiptail, Coelorinchus innotabilis McCulloch 1907

Other Names: Innotable Whiptail, Longnose Rattail, Long-nose Rattail, Notable Rattail, Notable Whip-tail

Notable Whiptail, Coelorinchus innotabilis. Source: Ken J. Graham / New South Wales Fisheries. License: CC By Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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Notable Whiptail, Coelorinchus innotabilis McCulloch 1907

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Off Newcastle, New South Wales, to south-west of Shark Bay, Western Australia including Tasmania; also south of Lord Howe Island, Lord Howe Rise and Wanganella Bank, Tasman Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs in New Zealand. Benthopelagic on the continental slope at depths between 450-1100 m, mostly between 600-900 m.


Dorsal fin II, 8-10; Pectoral fin 16-19; Pelvic fin 7; Gill rakers 6-9; Pyoric caecae 7-9.
Body shallow, somewhat cylindrical, head relatively large, head ridges sharp, narrow, dorsal profile concave; snout long, slender, sharply pointed, anterolateral margin completely supported by bone, area dorsally behind leading edge translucent, naked to sparsely scaled; underside of head naked anteriorly, with some scale patches above and behind mouth; nasla fossa naked; eye moderately large, much shorter than snout, mouth small, jaw teeth small, in three or four irregular series, outermost larger. 

Second dorsal-fin rays relatively well developed, similar in length to opposing anal-fin rays. 

Body scales moderate, somewhat deciduous, with almost parallel rows of short, slender spinules size and sub-ovoid with spinules arranged in sub-parallel series from 4 to 14 (varying in number with position of scale and size of specimen). 

Anus before anal-fin origin by 2-3 scale rows; light organ small, not visible externally, relatively short, extending from anus to midline between pelvic-fin bases; a narrow, scaleless, blackish streak extends from anus to base of ventral fins.


Reaches a total length of 35 cm.


Body overall uniform pale gray, with no distinctive markings; anterior portion of head translucent, mouth and gill cavity dark, orbit with black margin, lips and barbel pale; second ray of first dorsal fin black, otherwise dusky.


Feeds on gastropod and bivalve molluscs, small crustaceans and polychaete worms.



The Notable Whiptails is common in trawl catches between 600 and 1000m off Tasmania, and is of minor commercial value.


Species Citation

Coelorhynchus innotabilis McCulloch, 1907, Rec. Aust. Mus. 6(5): 348, pl.63(2, 2a), east of Sydney, NSW.


Bray, D.J. & Frankham, G. 2018


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Notable Whiptail, Coelorinchus innotabilis McCulloch 1907


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CAAB Code:37232014

Behaviour:35 cm TL


Depth:450-1100 m


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