Falseband Whiptail, Coelorinchus maurofasciatus McMillan & Paulin 1993

Other Names: Dark Banded Rattail, Eastern Falseband Whiptail, Eastern Falsebanded Whiptail, False Banded Whiptail

A Dark Banded Rattail, Coelorinchus maurofasciatus, from the Tasman Sea. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

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Falseband Whiptail, Coelorinchus maurofasciatus McMillan & Paulin 1993

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Temperate Southwestern Pacific; known from off southern Australia and New Zealand. In Australian waters, the species is known from off Cape Clairault (WA) eastwards to off Newcastle (NSW). The Falseband Whiptail is benthopelagic on the upper continental slope at 300-930 m, usually between 400-700 m.


D II, 9-11; P 15-20; V 7; GR; PC 22-32 (mean 27.6)
Snout short, broad, bluntly pointed, tipped with small blunt tubercle, anterolateral margin incompletely supported by bone, area dorsally behind leading edge scaled; underside of head naked, nasal fossa partially scaled, predorsal scales not thickened and elevated; mouth small, eye large, longer than snout and postorbital length. Body scales adherent, with short, small spinules in 7-15 slightly divergent rows. Anus immediately before anal-fin origina; fossa of light organ narrow, light organ extending midway between bases of anal and pelvic fins.


A large species reaching a total length of 50 cm.


Overall greyish/pink with 9-12 dark saddle-like markings from nape to end of tail, alternate saddles paler; head darker above, underside pale; mouth and gill cavity dark, lips and barbel pale, orbit margin black posteriorly and ventrally; first dorsal fin blackish distally, pale near base; anal fin with broad, dark distal stripe extending length of fin.




Of no commercial importance.


Not assessed.

Species Citation

Coelorinchus maurofasciatus McMillan & Paulin, 1993, Copeia 1993(3): 827, fig. 5, Challenger Plateau off New Zealand 38°40.1-38.7'S, 168°52.7-53.8'E.


Bray, D.J. & G. Frankham

Falseband Whiptail, Coelorinchus maurofasciatus McMillan & Paulin 1993


Iwamoto, T. & K.J. Graham. 2008. Two new Australian grenadiers of the Coelorinchus fasciatus species group (Macrouridae: Gadiformes: Teleostei). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences (4)59(5): 133-146.

Iwamoto, T. & P.J. McMillan. 2008. Macrouridae. In Gomon, M.F., D.J. Bray & R.H. Kuiter. Fishes of Australia’s Southern Coast. New Holland Publishers & Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. P. 1-928.

Millan, P.J. & C.D. Paulin. 1993. Descriptions of nine new species of rattails of the genus Caelorinchus (Pisces, Macrouridae) from New Zealand. Copeia 1993(3): 819-840.

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37232045


Depth:300-930 m



Max Size:400

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