Pineapple Whiptail, Idiolophorhynchus andriashevi Sazonov 1981

Other Names: Buckler-ridged Grenadier, Pineapple Rattail

Idiolophorhynchus-andriashevi. Source: Idiolophorhynchus-andriashevi. License:

A brownish-black whiptail with dark brownish-black fins, a long, sharply pointed, flattened snout, and four rows of keeled scutes along each side.

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Pineapple Whiptail, Idiolophorhynchus andriashevi Sazonov 1981

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Off southern Tasmania, to west of Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia; also north of Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean. Elsewhere the species occurs in New Zealand.


Dorsal fin II, 7–13 + 100+; Pectoral fin 15–21; Pelvic fin 3–4; Gill rakers (inner) 16–19; Branchiostegal rays 7; Pyloric caecae 7–8; Scutes - dorsal 24–33, ventral 19–26, lateral 9–16.
Snout long, sharply pointed, flattened dorsoventrally, lacking a terminal scute, length 44–49% HL, ventral snout length 43–48% HL; jaws extending to below hind margin of orbit; no chin barbel; mouth inferior; small teeth in bands in both jaws; barbel absent. Orbit diameter 18–21% HL; interorbital width 28–33% HL; upper jaw length 19–22% HL. Gill rakers numerous, outer rakers on first arch long, tapering to fine tip, remaining rakers relatively short, with broad rounded tips. Four longitudinal rows of keeled scute-like scales along each side, 1 dorsolaterally, 2 ventrolaterally, and 1 midlaterally; intervening areas with weak, unspinulated scales or naked. Head ridges covered with flattened scutes lacking erect spinules. No temporal pit.


The species is not bioluminescent.


The species is named in honour of  in honor of Soviet ichthyologist Anatoly Petrovich Andriashev.

Species Citation

Idiolophorhynchus andriashevi Sazonov 1981, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 60(9): 1360, figs 1-2. Type locality: 120 miles southwest from Fremantle, off Cape Freycinet, Western Australia, 33°22'S, 113°59'E, depth 1190-1230 m.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Pineapple Whiptail, Idiolophorhynchus andriashevi Sazonov 1981


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CAAB Code:37232037

Depth:1030-2350 m


Max Size:30 cm TL

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