Aru Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris aruensis (Weber 1911)

Aru Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris aruensis. Source: Neil Armstrong. License: All rights reserved

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Aru Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris aruensis (Weber 1911)

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Known in Australia from western Cape York (Jardine River, 11°10'S) and on eastern Cape York from the Pascoe River (12°42'S) to Rockhampton (23°50'S); also occurs in New Guinea; benthic, inhabiting freshwater rivers, creeks, lakes, and swamps, usually over mud or sand bottoms, frequently among weeds.


Dorsal fin VI +  I, 12-14; Anal fin I, 10-12; Pectoral fin 13-16; Transverse scales Sc 16-18; Gill rakers (lower limb) 6-7; Vertebrae 27-29.
Body elongate, anteriorly depressed, posteriorly compressed, depth 4.5-5.5 in SL. Head depressed, profile straight, 2.75-3.2 in SL. Snout slightly shorter than eye to as long as eye, tip before lower margin of eye. Anterior nostril in short tube. Eye diameter 4.5-6.0 in head length; interorbital 1-2 eye diameters. Lower jaw prominent, mouth oblique, reaching to below anterior part or middle of eye; jaw teeth in several rows, upper jaw with outer row slightly enlarged; outer row in lower jaw at front and a few teeth laterally of inner row enlarged. Head pores minute; some open pores around eyes and along posterior margin of preopercle. Mucous canals radiating under eye; two canals longitudinally on cheek.
Scales on body ctenoid, cycloid on nape, breast and belly; longitudinal series 55-60; cycloid scales on head scaled above from dorsal fin to in front of eyes, on cheek and opercle; predorsal scales 35-40.
Two dorsal fins, first dorsal fin much lower than body depth; height of second dorsal about 0.67 body depth; caudal fin rounded. Pectoral fin rounded, as long as head without snout. Pelvic fins separate, slightly shorter than pectorals.


To around 16 cm SL, commonly to 10 cm SL.


Dark brown to pale brown, tan on belly; frequently with chevron-shaped marks on sides; 2-3 dark brown bands radiating from eye across cheek; smaller individuals with dark brown spot at base of upper caudal rays; fins dark or dusky brown; dorsal and caudal fins spotted in juveniles and some adults.


Feeds on terrestrial and aquatic insects, crustaceans, and fishes.


Likely to be oviparous, benthic spawners.

Species Citation

Eleotris (Oxyeleotris) aruensis Weber, M. (1911). Die Fische der Aru- und Kei-Inseln. Ein Beitrag zur Zoogeographie dieser Inseln. Abh. Senckenb. Naturforsch. Ges. 34: 1–49 figs 1–11 pls 1–2 [33, pl. 1(5)].
Aru Island, Indonesia.


Martin F. Gomon



Aru Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris aruensis (Weber 1911)


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Allen, G.R., Midgley, S.H. & Allen, M. (2002). Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Australia.  Perth : Western Australian Museum 394 pp.

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Max Size:16 cm SL

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