Fimbriate Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris fimbriata (Weber 1908)

Other Names: Rough-scaled Loter

Fimbriate Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris fimbriata. Source: Mark Allen. License: all rights reserved

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Fimbriate Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris fimbriata (Weber 1908)

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Known in northern Australia from Cockatoo Creek (11°32'S) to Ducie River (12°S) Cape York, QLD; also occurs in New Guinea; benthic species inhabiting freshwater creeks and larger streams, usually around vegetation or log snags over soft bottom.


D VI; I, 11; A I, 9; P 15-16; Tr Sc 19-20; GR (lower limb) 6-7
Body elongate, anteriorly depressed, posteriorly compressed, depth 4.5-5.5 in SL. Head depressed, profile straight, 2.75-3.2 in SL. Snout slightly shorter than eye to as long as eye, tip before lower margin of eye. Anterior nostril in short tube. Eye diameter 4.5-6.0 in head length; interorbital 1-2 eye diameters. Lower jaw prominent, mouth oblique, reaching to below anterior part or middle of eye; jaw teeth in several rows, upper jaw with outer row slightly enlarged; outer row in lower jaw at front and a few teeth laterally of inner row enlarged. Head pores minute; some open pores around eyes and along posterior margin of preopercle. Mucous canals radiating under eye; two canals longitudinally on cheek.
Scales on body ctenoid, cycloid on nape, breast and belly; longitudinal series 55-60; cycloid scales on head scaled above from dorsal fin to in front of eyes, on cheek and opercle; predorsal scales 25-30.
Two dorsal fins, first dorsal fin much lower than body depth; height of second dorsal about 0.67 body depth; caudal fin rounded. Pectoral fin rounded, as long as head without snout. Pelvic fins separate, slightly shorter than pectorals.


Maximum size to around 18 cm SL, commonly to 10 cm SL.


Head and anterior part of back pale brown, side dark brown, becoming white on belly; series of large irregular, pale brown blotches on back and dorsally on sides; short dark brown stripe from front of eye to upper lip, and 2-3 similar bands radiating from eye posteriorly. First dorsal fin clear or slightly dusky; second dorsal clear with brown spotting forming stripes; caudal fin dusky brown or with brown spotting frequently with narrow white margin; pelvic and anal fins dusky, pectoral fins clear with blackish spot on upper fin base.


Likely to feed on small crustaceans, aquatic insects and small fishes.


Oviparous, benthic spawner with male parental care of adhesive demersal eggs until hatching.

Species Citation

Eleotris fimbriatus Weber, M. (1908). Süsswasserfische von Neu-Guinea; ein Beitrag zur Frage nach dem früheren Zusammenhang von Neu-Guinea und Australien. Nova Guinea. Rés. Exp. sci. Néerland. Nouvelle-Guinea. Zool. 5(2): 201–267–1 fig. pls 11–13 [254].

Etna Bay, south-west New Guinea.


Martin F. Gomon

Fimbriate Gudgeon, Oxyeleotris fimbriata (Weber 1908)


Allen, G.R. (1989). Freshwater Fishes of Australia.  Neptune, New Jersey : T.F.H. Publications 240 pp. pls 1–63.

Allen, G.R., Midgley, S.H. & Allen, M. (2002). Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Australia.  Perth : Western Australian Museum 394 pp.

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CAAB Code:37429037

Habitat:freshwater streams

Max Size:18 cm SL

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