Spearfish Remora, Remora brachyptera (Lowe 1839)

A Spearfish Remora, Remora brachyptera, from Mexico. Source: John Snow / Shorefishes of the tropical eastern Pacific online information system. www.stri.org/sftep. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike


The Spearfish Remora commonly hitches a ride on sharks, especially Blue Sharks. It also attaches itself in the gill chambers of billfishes and swordfish.

Body uniform whitish to pale pinkish or bluish in colour; head disc short, with 14-17 lamellae or transverse plates, not reaching beyond the middle of the pectoral fin. Dorsal and anal fins longer than head length, set far back on body; rear edge of the caudal fin straight.

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Spearfish Remora, Remora brachyptera (Lowe 1839)

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Common and widespread, mostly in tropical and subtropical seas, and found throughout Australia. The Spearfish Remora usually hitches a ride attached to sharks, or in the gill chambers of billfishes and swordfishes. Like their hosts, the remora is epipelagic from surface waters to depths of 200 metres.


Meristic features:
Dorsal-fin rays: 27-34
Anal-fin rays: 25-34
Cephalic sucking disc: 14-17 transverse lamellae
Gill rakers: Fewer than 21 (first arch)


IUCN: Least Concern
Australia; Not listed

Similar Species

Most often confused with Remora albescens which has a longer disc reaching the pectoral-fin tips, and the head longer than the length of the dorsal-fin base.

Species Citation

Echeneis brachyptera Lowe, 1839, Proc. Zool. Soc. London 7: 89.
Type locality: Madeira.


Dianne J. Bray

Spearfish Remora, Remora brachyptera (Lowe 1839)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37336005

Behaviour:Attaches to sharks and large fishes

Depth:0-200 metres

Feeding:Carnivore, scavenger

Habitat:Pelagic - oceanic

Max Size:50 cm TL

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