Dusky Morwong, Dactylophora nigricans (Richardson 1850)

Other Names: Black Butterfish, Butter Perch, Butterfish, Nunckla, Nunda, Shitfish, Strongfish, Tillywurti

A Dusky Morwong, Dactylophora nigricans, at Rapid Bay Jetty, South Australia. Source: Dave Harasti / http://www.daveharasti.com/. License: All rights reserved

A large slender greyish to brownish morwong with a whitish belly. Immature individuals are silvery with rows of orange-brown spots along the sides and dark spots on the dorsal and caudal fins. Small juveniles have deeper silvery bodies with broad dark bands on the upper sides that extend onto the dorsal fin.
Video of a Dusky Morwong at Brighton, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.
Video of Dusky Morwong

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Dusky Morwong, Dactylophora nigricans (Richardson 1850)

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Endemic to southern Australia, from the Clarence River, New South Wales, to the  Houtman Abrolhos, Western Australia, including around Tasmania.

Species Citation

Cheilodactylus nigricans Richardson 1850, Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 18: 63. Type locality: King George Sound, WA.


Bray, D.J. 2020


Atlas of Living Australia

Dusky Morwong, Dactylophora nigricans (Richardson 1850)


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CAAB Code:37377005

Depth:1-20 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:120 cm TL


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