Bulbous Whiptail, Kuronezumia bubonis (Iwamoto 1974)

Other Names: Bulbous Rattail

A Bulbous Whiptail, Kuronezumia bubonis, from the Lord Howe Rise, Tasman Sea. Source: NORFANZ Founding Parties. License: All rights reserved

A large brownish grenadier with darker fins, a rounded non-protruding snout without an obvious terminal scute, a bulbous light organ between the pelvic-fin bases, and a serrated first dorsal-fin spine. The underside of the head is scaled except for a naked area just above the upper jaw. 

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Bulbous Whiptail, Kuronezumia bubonis (Iwamoto 1974)

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Off central New South Wales; also on the Lord Howe Rise in the Tasman Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs in New Zealand. the western Atlantic, Hawaii, the South China Sea, and the southern Indian Ocean. 

Similar Species

The Snubnose Whiptail, Kuronezumia leonis, differs in having a protruding snout tipped with an enlarged button-like scute, and greyish first dorsal, pectoral, and pelvic fins. 

Species Citation

Nezumia (Kuronezumia) bubonis Iwamoto 1974, Proc. Cal. Acad. Sci. 39(22): 509, figs 1-3. Type locality: west Gulf of Mexico, 500 fathoms [24°29´N, 96°27´W]. 


Bray, D.J.


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Bulbous Whiptail, Kuronezumia bubonis (Iwamoto 1974)


Iwamoto, T. 1974. Nezumia (Kuronezumia) bubonis, a new subgenus and species of grenadier (Macrouridae : Pisces) from Hawaii and the western North Atlantic. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 39(22): 507-516 figs 1-3 

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Iwamoto, T. & Graham, K.J. 2001. Grenadiers (Families Bathygadidae and Macrouridae, Gadiformes, Pisces) of New South Wales, Australia. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 52(21): 407-509 figs 1-114 

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Shcherbachev, Y. N., Sazonov, Y. N. & Iwamoto, T. 1992. Synopsis of the grenadier genus Kuronezumia (Pisces: Gadiformes: Macrouridae), with description of a new species. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 48(3): 97-108.

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CAAB Code:37232061


Depth:700-1200 m


Max Size:80 cm TL

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