Smallscale Slickhead, Alepocephalus australis Barnard 1923

Other Names: Small Scaled Brown Slickhead, Southern Atlantic Smooth-head

A Smallscale Slickhead, Alepocephalus australis, from seamounts in the Tasman Sea north of New Zealand. Source: Robin McPhee & Mark McGrouther / NORFANZ Founding Parties. License: All rights reserved

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Smallscale Slickhead, Alepocephalus australis Barnard 1923

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Recorded in Australia from them Coral Sea off Cape York to W of Bunbury, WA, also on the Lord Howe Rise and Norfolk Ridge, S of Norfolk Island; temperate, mostly southern circumglobal.

Species Citation

Alepocephalus australis Barnard, Ann. Sth African Mus. 13(8): 440. Type locality: off Cape Point, South Africa.


Dianne J. Bray

Smallscale Slickhead, Alepocephalus australis Barnard 1923


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CAAB Code:37114014

Depth:690-2600 m

Max Size:60 cm SL

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