Genus Alepocephalus


The largest genus in the family Alepocephalidae, with 18 species worldwide. Nine species occur in Australian waters.

Body moderately elongate and compressed, depth about 20% SL, caudal peduncle long; head small to large, length in most 27-33% SL; eye large; lower jaw with small bony knob ventrally at tip; teeth on dentary and premaxillary uniserial, villiform, none on maxilla (except in A. dentifer), in narrow patch on palatine; scales cycloid, weakly attached, small to rather large, 45-110 in longitudinal series above lateral line; photophores absent; dorsal fin with 13-24 rays; anal fin with 14-32 rays; pectoral fin low on side with narrow base; ventral fin about mid body with 5-8 rays and splint bone.

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