Antipodean Slickhead, Alepocephalus antipodianus (Parrott 1948)

Other Names: Smallscale Slickhead

An Antipodean Slickhead, Alepocephalus antipodianus, from seamounts in the Tasman Sea. Source: Robin McPhee / NORFANZ Founding Parties. License: All rights reserved

A large slickhead with small scales, oblique scale rows before the dorsal and anal fins; 8–12 scales above the lateral line and 9–14 scales below the lateral line.

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Antipodean Slickhead, Alepocephalus antipodianus (Parrott 1948)

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Widespread in the southern half of Australia, from off Broken Bay, NSW to off Barrow Island, WA, including TAS and the Lord Howe Rise. In Australian waters, the Antipodean Slickhead is benthopelagic  at 822–1360m, but mostly 900–1100m. Elsewhere, the species is found worldwide from tropical to sub-Antarctic latitudes.


Meristic features: Dorsal fin17–18; Anal fin19–20; Pectoral fin8–10; Pelvic fin7; Lateral line 55–73; Gill rakers 6–9 + 14–20 = 20–28; Vertebrae (preural) 51–57.

Head rather wide and long, head length about 32% SL, snout length usually equal to or slightly shorter than eye diameter, rarely slightly longer; upper jaw to or beyond middle of eye; no white connective tissue along eye margin.


To 56 cm SL.


Body brownish pink, yellowish where scales and skin have been removed. The scale pockets are dark, and the head is black.


Almost nothing is known of the biology of this species.


Alan Williams & Dianne J. Bray

Antipodean Slickhead, Alepocephalus antipodianus (Parrott 1948)


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CAAB Code:37114013

Depth:822-1360 metres



Max Size:56 cm SL

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