Brown-banded Dwarfgoby, Eviota latifasciata Jewett & Lachner 1983

Other Names: Broad-banded Pygmy Goby, Brown-banded Dwarfgoby

A Brown-banded Dwarfgoby, Eviota latifasciata, at Guam. Source: David Burdick / License: All rights reserved

A semi-transparent dwarfgoby with 6-7 large brown blotches or broad bars along the side, sometimes with narrow white bars, and white markings on top of the head, and a dark midlateral spot on the caudal-peduncle.

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Brown-banded Dwarfgoby, Eviota latifasciata Jewett & Lachner 1983

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Recorded from Christmas Island in the Eastern Indian Ocean (Australian EEZ). The species also occurs in the east-Indo-west-central Pacific.


Dorsal fin VII + 7-9; Anal fin I, 8-9; Longitudinal scale series 23-25.

Body depth 4.5-5.0 in SL; scales ctenoid, absent from head, nape, chest and pectoral-fin base; pelvic fins separate, with a thin membrane joining bases; fourth pelvic-fin ray with 7-11 branches;.

Species Citation

Eviota latifasciata Jewett & Lachner 1983, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington 96(4): 791, fig. 5. Type locality: off Bolton Point, Abaiang Atoll, Kiribati (as Gilbert Islands). 


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Brown-banded Dwarfgoby, Eviota latifasciata Jewett & Lachner 1983


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CAAB Code:37428309

Depth:4-25 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:2 cm TL

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