Emperor Reefgoby, Priolepis akihitoi Hoese & Larson 2010

An Emperor Reef-goby, Priolepis akihitoi, in the Izu Ocean Park, Japan, depth 11 m. Source: Izuzuki / www.izuzuki.com. License: CC by Attribution-ShareAlike

A small yellowish-brown goby with narrow pale bands on the head and body, a large black basal spot on the first dorsal fin, and the caudal fin with a white outer margin and three-four short dark bars on upper part.

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Emperor Reefgoby, Priolepis akihitoi Hoese & Larson 2010

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Shark Bay, Western Australia, the southern Great Barrier Reef and Moreton Bay, Queensland, and Sydney, New South Wales. Elsewhere, the species occurs in New Caledonia and Japan.
Individuals or pairs inhabit caves and rocky crevices.


Dorsal fin VI + I, 9-10; Anal fin I, 8; Pectoral fin 20. 
Eyes slightly elevated resulting in a shallow pit in interorbital area and a shallow groove along dorsoposterior margin of eye; ctenoid scales completely covering predorsal, reaching to above mideye, anteriormost scales sometimes cycloid, no naked patch immediately before the first dorsal spine; small cycloid scales cover pectoral base; 11-13 rows of small cycloid scales cover prepelvic area; cheek usually no scales, rarely with 1 or 2 scales near dorsoposterior margin of preoperculum; operculum with a patch of small ctenoid scales dorsally; sensory papilla rows on cheek with transverse pattern; pelvic fins connected to form a plate, no interspinal membrane mouth oblique, forming an angle of about 40°-45° with body axis.


Head and body with narrow light bands, and with dark edges; a large elongate black spot anteriorly on first dorsal fin; 3-4 short vertical dark brown bars on dorsal part of caudal fin.


Species of the genus Priolepis form monogamous pairs, and are capable of bidirectional sex change. In laboratory experiments with female-female pairs, the larger individual changed sex to male, and in male-male pairs, the smaller changed to female. The gonads of these species simultaneously formed ovarian and testicular portions with an accessory gonadal structure (Manabe et al. 2013). 


The species is named for Emperor Akihito of Japan, for his significant and innovative contributions to the systematics of gobioid fishes.

Species Citation

Priolepis akihitoi Hoese & Larson 2010, Ichthyol. Res. 57: 373, figs 1, 5a, b. Type locality: Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. 


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Emperor Reefgoby, Priolepis akihitoi Hoese & Larson 2010


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CAAB Code:37428297


Conservation:IUCN Data Deficient

Depth:3-25 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:6 cm SL

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