Saccogaster nikoliviae Nielsen, Schwarzhans & Cohen 2012

The holotype of Saccogaster nikoliviae, NMV A 29674-010, a female collected off north-western Australia, 407–403 m. Source: N. Ioannou / Natural History Museum of Denmark. License: All rights reserved


Only known from a few specimens collected off northwestern Australia in 401-407 m.

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Saccogaster nikoliviae Nielsen, Schwarzhans & Cohen 2012

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North-west of Port Hedland (18°34’S, 117°2'E) and south-west of Rowley Shoals, Western Australia; tropical in 401-407 m.


The new species is named after two of the senior author’s grandchildren: Nikolaj and Olivia.

Species Citation

Saccogaster nikoliviae Nielsen, Schwarzhans & Cohen 2012, Zootaxa 3579: 16, figs 11, 12, 25. Type locality: ♀, south-west of Rowley Shoals, WA [17°31’44"S, 118°50’37"E to 17°32’30"S, 118°50’31"E,].


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Saccogaster nikoliviae Nielsen, Schwarzhans & Cohen 2012


Nielsen, J.G., Schwarzhans, W. & Cohen, D.M. 2012. Revision of Hastatobythites and Saccogaster (Teleostei, Bythitidae) with three new species and a new genus. Zootaxa 3579: 1-36

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CAAB Code:37228121

Depth:401-407 m


Max Size:69 mm SL


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