Yellow Pygmy-goby, Lubricogobius exiguus (Tanaka 1915)

Other Names: Yellow Pygmy Goby

A Yellow Pygmy-goby, Lubricogobius exiguus, at Osezaki, Izu Peninsula, Japan, depth 22 m. Source: orangkucing / License: CC by Attribution-ShareAlike

A small bright yellow goby with strongly keeled dorsal and ventral edges on the caudal peduncle, and a well-developed frenum on the pelvic fins.

Video of Yellow Pygmy-gobies sheltering in bottles around Lembeh, Indonesia, & Dauin, Philippines.

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Yellow Pygmy-goby, Lubricogobius exiguus (Tanaka 1915)


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Quick Facts

Depth:5-100 m (Australia 23 m)

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:4 cm SL

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