Gomon's Tuskfish, Choerodon gomoni Allen & Randall 2002

A terminal phase (male) Gomon's Tuskfish, Choerodon gomoni, from the Blackwood Channel, Cape York, Queensland, CSIRO H.3441-01, 106 mm SL. Source: Dan Gledhill / Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: All rights reserved

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Gomon's Tuskfish, Choerodon gomoni Allen & Randall 2002

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Recorded in Australia from the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, reefs in the Coral Sea, Chesterfield Bank, New Caledonia, and Banggai Islands and Togean Island, Indonesia. Inhabits rubble areas at depths of 24–82 m. 


Initial phase rosy-pink above, paler pink to white belwo, separated by a faint yellow to orange-brown stripe from the upper part pectoral-fin base to the upper part of the caudal-fin base;, and a bright red margin on the caudal fin. Terminal phase males are greenish-grey tinged with pale mauve above, mostly cream to yellowish-white below, a broad white stripe along the midside with a faint yellow to dark red above, a large, diffuse, reddish brown spot on back below base of 9th to 11th dorsal fin spines, its anterior edge bordered with white; second much smaller, fainter red spot above pectoral fin. Fins mainly pale bluish white to hyaline; dorsal and anal fins with pale yellow y pale bluish white to hyaline; dorsal and anal fins with pale yellow stripe across middle of fin, distal third of dorsal pink.

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Choerodon gomoni Allen & Randall, 2002, Aqua, J. Ichthyol. Aquat. Biol 5(3): 110, Figs. 1-2. Type locality: Chesterfield Bank, Coral Sea, 82m [about 20°45'00"S, 158°35'04"E]. 


Dianne J. Bray


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Gomon's Tuskfish, Choerodon gomoni Allen & Randall 2002


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CAAB Code:37384203


Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:24-82 m

Max Size:11 cm SL

Max Size:Reef associated, rubble bottoms

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