Red-eye Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus solorensis Bleeker 1853

Other Names: Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse, Redheaded Fairy Wrasse, Solon Fairy Wrasse, Tricolor Fairy Wrasse

A Red-eye Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus solorensis, in an aquarium. Source: LMBM2012 / Flickr. License: CC BY Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

A metallic blue fairy wrasse with a bright yellowish to orange snout, bright red on the nape, a broad dark bluish band along the back, a yellowish underside and a dark bar at the pectoral-fin base. The eye is bright red (hence the common name) and males usually have a broad dark bluish bar along the edge of the gill cover.
The Red-eye Wrasse is only known in the Australian EEZ from the territory of Christmas Island in the eastern Indian Ocean.

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Red-eye Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus solorensis Bleeker 1853

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Recorded in the Australian EEZ from the territory of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean (Rocha et al. 2010). Red-eye Wrasse occur in small harems comprising a male and several females, including juveniles. Inhabits rubble and coral areas on coastal and outer reef lagoons.


Bray, D.J. 2020

Red-eye Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus solorensis Bleeker 1853


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CAAB Code:37384213


Biology:IUCN Data Deficient

Depth:3-35 m

Fishing:Aquarium fish

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:11 cm TL

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