Smalldisc Clingfish, Pherallodus indicus (Weber 1913)

A Smalldisc Clingfish, Pherallodus indicus, in the Izu Ocean Park, Japan. Source: Izuzuki / License: CC By Attribution

A tiny dark reddish to purplish clingfish with a pattern of fine pale lines enclosing irregular spots and blotches on the top of the head and back, and a broad pale stripe down the snout. Smalldisc Clingfish shelter amongst sea urchin spines at Lord Howe Island.

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Smalldisc Clingfish, Pherallodus indicus (Weber 1913)

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Recorded from the Lord Howe Island region in the Tasman Sea. Elsewhere the species occurs from Indonesia to southern Japan, Lord Howe Island, New Caledonia, Tuamotu Archipelago to Pitcairn Island. 
Inhabits rocky and coral reefs, sometimes in association with the sea urchins Stomopneustes variolaris and Heterocentrus trigonarius.


Further work on the clingfishes of Lord Howe Island is required, and identification is tentative for Pherallodus indicus. Material in the Australian Museum suggests multiple species of uncertain identity. (Hoese et al. Australian Faunal Directory).

Species Citation

Crepidogaster indicus Weber, 1913, Siboga-Expéditie Report 57: 525, fig. 111. Type locality: Sanana Island, Sula Islands. 


Dianne J. Bray


Australian Faunal Directory

Smalldisc Clingfish, Pherallodus indicus (Weber 1913)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37206040

Behaviour:Shelters among sea urchins

Depth:1-6 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:3.5 cm TL

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