Dwarf Goby, Glossogobius nanus Hoese, Allen & Hadiaty 2017

A Dwarf Goby, Glossogobius nanus. Source: Gerald R. Allen, in Hoese, Allen & Hadiaty (2017) Cybium 41(2). License: All rights reserved

A tiny brown to tan freshwater goby becoming whitish below, with a flattened head and snout, a series of horizontally elongate brown spots forming a blackish mid-lateral stripe, and a prominent ocellated black spot on the rear of the first dorsal fin.

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Dwarf Goby, Glossogobius nanus Hoese, Allen & Hadiaty 2017

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Known from the Cato River, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, and northwestern Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the Fly River, Papua New Guinea. Inhabits small clear to turbid streams with rock, gravel or sandy bottoms at altitudes below 100 m; also found on muddy areas in swamps.


Dorsal fin VI + I,8; Anal fin I, 6-7; Pectoral fin 14-15; Mid-lateral scales 24-26; Horizontal scale rows 8.
Head and snout flattened; predorsal scales absent or only a few embedded scales present; head mostly naked except for side of nape; breast naked.

Species Citation

Glossogobius nanus Hoese, Allen & Hadiaty 2017, Cybium 41(2): 185, Figs. 1B, 4B-C, 7-8. Type locality: Myall Creek, Weipa, Queensland


Bray, D.J. 2017

Dwarf Goby, Glossogobius nanus Hoese, Allen & Hadiaty 2017


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CAAB Code:37428314

Habitat:Freshwater streams

Max Size:4 cm

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