Checked swallowtail, Odontanthias borbonius (Valenciennes 1828)

A Checked swallowtail, Odontanthias borbonius, on the Izu Peninsula, Japan, August 2013. Source: Izuzuki / License: CC BY Attribution-ShareAlike

A pink to reddish anthiine with 9-11 large brown or yellow blotches (larger than eye) on the side, and a broad bright yellow band running below the eye from the snout tip to the pectoral-fin base.

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Checked swallowtail, Odontanthias borbonius (Valenciennes 1828)

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Coral Sea off Cairns, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical Indo-west Pacific from coast of east Africa to the Mariana Islands, Papua New Guinea, north to Japan and Taiwan. Inhabits deep reefs in depths to 300 m.


Dorsal fin X, 16-18; Anal fin III, 7-8 (usually 7); Pectoral fin 16-18; Lateral-line scales 39-43; Gill rakers 11-13 + 27-29.

Body strongly compressed; third dorsal fin spine elongate in males; caudal fin deeply forked. 


A protogynous hermaphrodite, changing sex from female to male.

Species Citation

Serranus borbonius Valenciennes 1828, in Cuvier & Valenciennes Histoire naturelle des poissons 2: 263. Type locality: RĂ©union, western Mascarenes, southwestern Indian Ocean.


Bray, D.J. 2019


Checked swallowtail, Odontanthias borbonius (Valenciennes 1828)


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Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:92-300 m

Fishing:Aquarium fish

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:15 cm SL

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