Redtail Sandperch, Parapercis rubricaudalis Johnson & Motomura 2017

Paratypes of the Redtail Sandperch, Parapercis rubricaudalis, NMV A 29711–001, 63.5 mm (upper), AMS I.46929–001, 59.2 mm SL (lower). Source: Dianne J. Bray, Museums Victoria & Barnett Shutman, RVS Fishworld. License: All rights reserved

A reddish sandperch with six broad irregular orange to reddish bands along the body,  crimson-red pelvic fins and lower caudal fin, and three broad 'vertical' bands on the cheek and gill cover. 
The Redtail Sandperch occurs off Western Australia between Dampier and Cape Leveque (and in the Philippines).

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Redtail Sandperch, Parapercis rubricaudalis Johnson & Motomura 2017

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Between Dampier and Cape Leveque, Western Australia. A single specimen was also taken by aquarium fish collectors off Zambales, Luzon, Philippines.


Dorsal fin V, 21; Anal fin I, 17; Pectoral fin 15–17 (rarely 15 or 17); Lateral-line scales 56–58; Gill rakers 2–4 + 7–10 = 9–14; Predorsal scales 4–6.
Scales on cheek ctenoid; 6 canine teeth in outer row at front of lower jaw; vomer with 1–2 irregular rows of robust conical teeth; palatines edentate; opercle with two or three strong spines; margin of preopercle, subopercle and interopercle strongly serrated; 10 abdominal and 20 caudal vertebrae; pelvic fins reaching between vent and base of third anal-fin ray.


Three broad orange to reddish bars on head between suborbital and opercle, six irregular broad orange to reddish transverse bands across body, soft dorsal fin with 2–3 rows of red spots, anal-fin reddish infused with yellow near base, pectoral fin with large red blotch on anteroventral quarter of fin, pelvic fins bright orange-red, and caudal fin with several irregular rows of dark red spots, lower third of fin distinctively crimson-red.


The specific name rubricaudalis is from the Latin rubri (= red) and caudalis (= caudal fin), in reference to the distinctively red lower portion of the caudal fin.

Species Citation

Parapercis rubricaudalis Johnson & Motomura 2017, Zootaxa 4320(1): 126, Figs 2A-E. Type locality: NW of Cape Leveque, Western Australia, 15°47.57’S 121 °03.5’E to 15°48.5’S 121°02.89’E, 111–119 m.


Bray, D.J. 2017

Redtail Sandperch, Parapercis rubricaudalis Johnson & Motomura 2017


Johnson, J.W. & Motomura, H. 2017. Five New Species of Parapercis (Perciformes: Pinguipedidae) from southeast Asia and northwest Australia. Zootaxa 4320(1):121–145, DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4320.1.7

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CAAB Code:37390037


Max Size:7 cm SL

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