Cherry Perchlet, Chelidoperca cerasina Ogino, Lee, Chen & Matsunuma 2019

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Cherry Perchlet, Chelidoperca cerasina Ogino, Lee, Chen & Matsunuma 2019

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Known from the territorial waters of Australia and New Caledonia: Gifford Guyot Seamount off eastern Australia, the Lord Howe Rise in the Tasman Sea, and the Norfolk and Loyalty ridges in the Coral and Tasman seas, southwest Pacific Ocean. Inhabits seamounts and ocean banks at depths of 245–338 m.


Distinguished from all congeners by having the following combination of characters: an orange spot on pectoral-fin and caudal-fin bases; 4 scale rows between lateral line and base of spinous dorsal fin; cheek scales in 8 or 9 (modally 8) rows; tip of upper caudal-fin lobe elongated, slightly longer than lower lobe in specimens > ca. 100 mm; no longitudinal dark stripe or row of dark blotches laterally on body; interorbital scales extending beyond mid-orbit level, but not reaching anterior margin of orbit; scales on ventral surface of lower jaw restricted to angular, absent on dentary; pelvic fin short, tip not reaching anus when adpressed.


The specific name cerasina is from Latin (= cherry) in reference to the entirely pinkish body in relatively small fresh specimens and the characteristic reddish spots on the pectoral- and caudal-fin bases.

Species Citation

Chelidoperca cerasina Ogino, Lee, Chen & Matsunuma 2019, Ichthyological Research 67: 2, Figs. 1a-b, 2-5, 6a-b, 9a-b, 10a-d. Type locality: Kelso Bank on Lord Howe Rise, Coral Sea, southwest of New Caledonia, (24°11′00″S, 159°41′00″E), 270–280 m.


Bray, D.J. 2020

Cherry Perchlet, Chelidoperca cerasina Ogino, Lee, Chen & Matsunuma 2019


Ogino, A., Lee, S.-H., Chen, W.-J. & Matsunuma, M. 2020. Chelidoperca cerasina sp. nov., a new perchlet (Perciformes: Serranidae) from the southwest Pacific Ocean. Ichthyological Research 67: 117–132, open access

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Depth:245-338 m

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