Blue Mountains Perch, Macquaria sp. nov. 'Hawkesbury'

A Blue Mountains Perch, Macquaria sp. nov., from a creek in the the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. Source: Jim Vaughan / Atlas of Living Australia. License: CC BY Attribution

A small Macquaria species with greyish-brown, buff and dark grey blotches on the head and body. 
This undescribed species is found only in the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment of New South Wales.

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Blue Mountains Perch, Macquaria sp. nov. 'Hawkesbury'

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Hawkesbury-Nepean River systems. Fragmented populations are restricted to the mid-reaches of small near pristine streams, at elevations of 35-420 m asl, mostly commonly at 100-175 m asl. Historically the species was more widespread, and has disappeared from areas such as the upper Kowmung River, Wollondilly River, and approximately 80 km of the Nepean River between the Bargo River junction and Penrith weir.
Occurs in complex boulder habitats near pristine, clear streams in rugged gorges, with minimal sediment and nutrient loads, and little or no instream vegetation.


This solitary species swims near the bottom or in mid-water, and may form small shoals during the February to March (inclusive) breeding season.


This species usually occurs upstream of Australian Bass populations.


Bray, D.J. 2022

Blue Mountains Perch, Macquaria sp. nov. 'Hawkesbury'


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Conservation:IUCN Vulnerable

Habitat:Freshwater streams

Max Size:23 cm TL


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