Flinders Pygmy Perch, Nannoperca sp 1

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Flinders Pygmy Perch, Nannoperca sp 1

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Merrimans Creek, South Gippsland, and the La Trobe River catchment, east to the Genoa/Wallagaraugh rivers near the Vic?NSW border. A small and possibly translocated population occurs further west in Pebble Creek, a tributary of the Franklin River system in Corner Inlet. The Flinders Pygmy Perch is also found on the eastern side of Flinders Island in Bass Strait, and the far north east of Tasmania (Anson River).
Inhabits slow or still waters with abundant aquatic vegetation, including lakes, ponds and slow-flowing rivers and creeks. along with pools in moderately-flowing streams.


Feeds mostly on insects, insect larvae and planktonic crustaceans.


Populations are patchy and fragmented, with moderate levels of genetic differentiation between sites, implying poor dispersal ability. 

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Differs from Nannoperca australis in having the maxilla not reaching the level of the orbit.


Scott named his subspecies in honour of Matthew Flinders, who surveyed the Furneaux Islands, Bass Strait, in 1798.

Species Citation

Nannoperca australis flindersi Scott 1971, Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 105: 126. Type locality: Lackrana, Flinders Island, Furneaux Group, Bass Strait, Tasmania.


Bray, D.J. 2020


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Flinders Pygmy Perch, Nannoperca sp 1


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