Graham's Perchlet, Plectranthias grahami Gill, Pogonoski, Moore & Johnson 2021

Holotype of Graham's Perchlet, Plectranthias grahami, AMS I.18855-003, 122.5 mm SL, from east of Bulli, New South Wales, Australia. Source: After Fig 22, in Gill et al. (2021) Zootaxa 4918(1): 1-116. License: All rights reserved

A rare perchlet with a broad blackish brown wedge from the middle of dorsal fin to about 6 rows below the lateral line, an indistinct small spot mid-laterally on rear of the caudal peduncle,  extending slightly onto the caudal-fin base, and a blackish brown wedge on the body extending onto the basal half of the dorsal fin.
Colour in life unknown.

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Graham's Perchlet, Plectranthias grahami Gill, Pogonoski, Moore & Johnson 2021

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East of Bulli, central New South Wales.


Dorsal fin X,15, all segmented rays branched; Anal fin III,7, all segmented rays branched; Pectoral fin 18, upper ray unbranched; Pelvic fin I,5, all segmented rays branched; Caudal fin upper procurrent rays 8, lower procurrent rays 7, principal caudal-fin rays 9+8, branched caudal fin rays 8+7; total caudal-fin rays 32; Lateral line complete 41-42; Scales above lateral line to origin of dorsal fin 5; Scales above lateral line to base of fifth dorsal spine 3; Scales below lateral line to origin of anal fin 15-16; Cheek scales, diagonal rows 9; Predorsal scales 42, extending to upper lip; Circumpeduncular scales 18; Gill rakers 6+13, the upper 4 and lower 2 rudiments; Pseudobranchial filaments 19; Branchiostegal rays 7; Vertebrae 10+17. 


In preservative: head, body and fins mostly pale tan; broad blackish brown wedge extending from middle of dorsal fin (from bases of tenth spine through fourth segmented ray) down to about 6 rows below lateral line; indistinct small (subequal to pupil) grey-brown spot mid-laterally on posterior end of caudal peduncle, this extending slightly on to base of caudal fin; blackish brown wedge on body extending onto basal half of adjacent part of dorsal fin.
Colour in life unknown.


The holotype was taken in a research prawn trawl.

Similar Species

The following combination of characters distinguishes Plectranthias grahami from all congeners: dorsal rays X,15; pectoral rays 18; lateral-line scales 41–42; and gill rakers 6+13.


The species is named for Ken Graham, who collected the holotype, and has contributed extensively to our knowledge of New South Wales trawl fishes and invertebrates. He noted (pers. comm.) that this is the only specimen of the species he has ever collected, despite several decades of extensive exploratory trawling in similar depths off the New South Wales coast.

Species Citation

Plectranthias grahami Gill, Pogonoski, Moore & Johnson 2021, Zootaxa 4918(1): 63, Fig. 22. Type locality: Australia, Tasman Sea, New South Wales, east of Bulli, 34°18′S, 151°26′E, 457–485 m.


Bray, D.J. 2021


Atlas of Living Australia

Graham's Perchlet, Plectranthias grahami Gill, Pogonoski, Moore & Johnson 2021


Gill, A.C., Pogonoski, J.J., Moore, G.I. & Johnson, J.W. 2021. Review of Australian species of Plectranthias Bleeker and Selenanthias Tanaka (Teleostei: Serranidae: Anthiadinae), with descriptions of four new species. Zootaxa 4918(1): 1-116.

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37311237

Depth:457-485 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:12.3 cm SL


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